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Protect your bike with DNA+

As an added benefit for customers of the AARP® Motorcycle Insurance Program from Foremost, you'll receive a complimentary DNA+ Forensic Coding system that helps protect your bike from theft.

Foremost cares about our customers and we understand the frustration and heartache that can accompany the theft of your treasured motorcycle. That's why you'll get your very own DNA+ kit when you purchase a policy.

Theft prevention in a bottle

The DNA+ Forensic Coding System is a powerful deterrent to theft and increases the chances that a stolen motorcycle will be recovered.

Each bottle of DNA+ contains a unique solution of microdots registered exclusively to you. The liquid is harmless, easy to apply and virtually impossible to remove. Once applied to your bike, it dries clear but shows up under UV lights. If your bike is stolen, law enforcement can quickly find your unique DNA+ identity on an international database.

How it helps protect your bike from theft

Your kit also comes with special decals you can apply to your bike, warning potential thieves that your bike is protected by the DNA+ Forensic Coding System.

The DNA+ theft prevention kit is just another great benefit of having a policy through the AARP Motorcycle Insurance Program from Foremost.

Questions and Answers

Learn more about the DNA+ Forensic Coding System by viewing our Frequently Asked Questions.

See how it works

Check out this video that explains more about the DNA+ solution and how to apply it to your bike.

The DNA+ Forensic Coding System is not available in these states: Alaska, Indiana, New Hampshire, Virginia. The DNA+ theft protection system will only be sent to new customers with active policies in force 30 days after policy issuance. If you opted out of having your basic information shared with third party vendors, as stated in the Foremost Privacy Policy, you will not receive the DNA+ Forensic Coding system. Not all products, coverages and discounts available in all states.