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New wireless helmet light ensures motorcyclists get noticed

If being visible to other motorists is one of your biggest concerns when you ride, a new LED brake light on the horizon could illuminate your quest. Although still in development, crowdfunding has helped raise the capital to get it to market. The goal is to make it available to U.S. consumers by spring 2018.

This ingenious light fits on the back of your helmet and is continuously on as soon as you flip the switch. When you slow down, its LEDs slip into high gear and light up so brightly that no one who can pass a driver’s license vision test could possibly miss it. As of press time, this project had exceeded its $50,000 funding goal by a whopping 148 percent for a total of $127,490 raised from nearly 1,200 backers. Evidently it has hit a bright spot in terms of meeting a demand for visibility products.

One of the compelling features of the light is that it has no wires or finicky connections. It works via accelerometer and gyroscope sensors that can independently detect when you’re slowing down. You don’t even have to hit the brakes – a downshift or an engine brake will have the same effect and the light will cast its super bright signal. And, if you hit the brakes hard in an emergency, that triggers a special light pattern which is even more noticeable. The lights are also conspicuously noticeable in the daytime, giving you a leg up on visibility during peak traffic hours.

Because the light mounts to your existing helmet, it’s quick and easy to use. A pair of magnetic snaps adhere to your helmet and the light magnetically snaps on. You can buy extra snaps for a nominal charge so you can clip the light to your second helmet or even to your passenger’s helmet.

The light adds only six ounces to your helmet weight and is designed to cast its rays over a 120-degree viewing angle.

It features more than 100 LED lights, an eight-hour-plus run time and a USB charge port that fully replenishes the battery in just two hours. That means, it easily surpasses the tech gadget label to enter the field of substantive safety devices that can help you stay visible on the road.

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