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Ways to Improve Performance

A biker adjusting his motorcycle

All riders want their motorcycles to deliver top-of-the-line performance, but sometimes you need to put a little work into it. These tips can help your bike reach its peak.

Properly inflate tires.

Under-inflated tires cause both poor handling and bad fuel efficiency. Likewise, tires that are too full also make the bike harder to control. Between 34 and 38 PSI is ideal in most cases.

Examine tire tread.

Tread helps maintain grip in wet conditions and keeps you balanced. Good tread goes a long way in both fuel efficiency and performance.

Fine-tune suspension settings.

Change your bike's suspension settings to support your weight and riding style. Also, make sure the front and rear suspension systems are balanced.

Use lubrication.

Lubricate control pivots, cables and the chain to make controls more responsive and gain horsepower.

Get an oil change.

Clean, good-quality oil helps the engine run cleaner and cooler. Use motorcycle-specific oil.

Use a high-quality filter.

A good filter allows more air to enter the engine of a bike and increase the efficiency of the motor, maximizing horsepower and torque.

Upgrade brake pads and lines.

Quality aftermarket pads use specifically formulated compounds to hold on longer with less fade. Braided stainless steel or Kevlar-sheathed Teflon lines resist deformation under system pressure for quicker braking response. Whichever kind you choose, pads that deliver consistent stopping power throughout a range of speeds are best.

Adjust throttle cable length.

Too much slack in the throttle cable will cause a slower motor response. Too little slack and the response will be too quick making your bike harder to control. Make adjustments until the bike feels right to you.

Make exhaust system modifications.

There are different levels of improvement depending on the amount of time and money you want to put in. You can replace your stock system's header, your stock muffler, add heat shields to your exposed exhaust pipes or replace your entire exhaust system.

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